About the ATA

gmb todaySince the late 1950′s, U.S. Servicemen who had earned Black Belts in Tang Soo Do while serving in Korea returned to the United States and Tang Soo Do began to expand to serve the interests and needs of the American public. Many American organizations were established in attempts to unify Tang Soo Do here in the United States. One such organization was the non-profit American Tang Soo Do Association chartered in Massachusetts in 1973 under the direction of Richard Byrne. Foreseeing the future popularity of Tang Soo Do in the U.S, the American Tang Soo Do Association was aimed at sponsoring tournaments, clinics, etc., with qualified directors and furthering the development of Tang Soo Do techniques through research.

On March 8th, 1997, after years of Tang Soo Do instructors across the country approaching Master Byrne to seek advice, leadership and instruction, the decision was made to make the American Tang Soo Do Association a national organization. It’s goal is to bring high standards and ideals to it’s members while charging reasonable rates and fees and to meet the needs of Tang Soo Do.